Amamoor Stud Warmbloods





Warmblood Foals 2009



Amamoor Stud Rubenesque  11/12/2009


A.C.E 16151-09-Q

Full of chrome and movement!

We are so pleased with this smashing little girl. 

Sire : Statford Dominator WB

Dam : Koo ASB














Amamoor Stud Comanche  24/12/2009


A.C.E 16149-09-Q , Dilutes BG0149

A lovely strong buckskin colt has hit the ground. Born 24th December 2009. 

Sire :  Jaybee Apache

Dam : Macy by Close Encounters















Amamoor Stud Rolex     28/12/2009

A.C.E 16150-09-Q , Dilutes M3993, Ancillary NBM0023


Sire : Jaybee Apache

Dam : Celestial Lynda

Stud will be retaining this filly.










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