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If you have any questions about our stock we are more than happy to answer.

We breed our horses with a passion to see them compete and excel in all areas of performance.

Youngstock available.

 EOI 2 yr olds




                                                                                                                     Above Amamoor Stud Comanche with Elisa on board.


Congratulations to Elisa on the purchase of the darling of our stables Amamoor Stud Comanche watch out Dressage world here he comes......

Congratulations to Primrose Court Stud on the purchase of Amamoor Stud Presto sensational gelding about to hit the competition scene in WA. 

Congratulations to Mary on the purchase of Avanti and Clear Luck two super sweet ladies.

Congratulations Amy on the purchase of your next partner Amamoor Stud Rubenesque a gorgeous filly destined for the show circuit.

Congratulations to BR Stud QLD on the purchase of Macy by Close Encounters an outstanding broodmare and a sensational producer of quality offspring.

Congratulations to BR Stud QLD on the purchase of  "Koo" ASB mare in foal to LP Protege. - Well done BR Stud - "Koo"  foaled a sensational Bay Colt !!


Congratulations to Natalie & Chris on the purchase of "Romeo" gorgeous little pony.  


Congratulations to Janet Smith on the purchase of Mini-Haven Saphire.

Congratulations to Marcia Hodder on the purchase of Tennessee Tahanne.







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